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The Throw Pro is not only a pitching aid; it is a universal throwing and training aid for Baseball and Softball players. Use Throw Pro in warm-ups, exercise, training and rehab no matter what age or skill level you are. Every playing position can benefit from using Throw Pro. 

The Throw Pro:
-Builds and strengthens the key muscle groups
-Reduces risk to arm, shoulder and joint injuries 
-Improves accuracy and velocity
-Portable so you can train from anywhere (indoors or outdoors)

Throw Pro is a patent pending, safe training device that can be used every day.  Anyone, at any level can use our product. 

View our Fitting Guide to determine which weight and size is right for you.

Throw Pro Training System (TP)
Free with your purchase of a Throw Pro Training Device (TP), you 
gain exclusive access to instructional videos designed exclusively for Throw Pro by our certified trainers. Our drills and exercise videos will demonstrate proper throwing techniques, which will aid in engraining muscle memory and help you maintain your competitive edge.

It is so easy to use and can go with you no matter how near or far you are....making it a must have for every player’s bag!

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