As a former MLB pitcher and one that learned the hard way how important mechanics and proper arm slot is as it relates to throwing and the longevity of throwing I feel I am more than qualified to be a spokesperson for all of us whose careers were and have been cut short because we didn't have a device like Throw Pro. For those of you that don't know me I spent 18 years playing professionally and 8 of those in the Majors with Anaheim, Texas, Detroit, Florida & Boston.

I have had torn labrum, torn bicep tendon,and slap lesion rotator cuff surgeries. As well as Ulna nerve transfer surgery. All
because of learning good mechanics way too late in my career. Throwing in the 90s was impressive to coaches at the time but that kind of arm speed with bad mechanics was a recipe for disaster and an up and down career cut way too short.

Now would a Throw Pro have prevented all of that? No one knows for sure. But here is what I do know about what Throw Pro is currently doing for players of all ages:

• Creates Proper Throwing Mechanics
• Gives the player instant feedback when mechanically incorrect
• Recreates proper arm slot
• Teaches proper back spin as well as ball, arm and wrist action
• Strengthens and builds muscles in the shoulder and back
• Can be used everyday for warmups during practice and games
• Do not need a throwing partner to perform a workout
• Same exact feeling once removed and throwing
• Can be done indoors

Every player that has used the Throw Pro consistently has seen marked improvement in their throwing. They have increased both accuracy and speed. Proof: I took over the Pitching coach job for JV and Varsity team in Arizona that when I first started had only one pitcher throwing over 85mph. In less then 6 months using the Throw Pro we have 2 pitchers throwing in the 90's and the rest of the JV and Varsity Pitchers are now between 83 to 88mph.

Further Proof: If above isn't enough proof I also took a team of 13 and 14 year olds that were the cast outs from other teams. We went from going 3 games and out every tournament with 5-8 throwing errors per game and a team era of 6 plus to being in the championship games the last 6 tournaments and winning the last two with less then 1 throwing error every 4 games and a team era of 2! All of this in a span of 5 months and utilizing the Throw Pro at every practice and before every game.

Not all players are gifted but with Throw Pro all players have a chance of getting significantly better. We have kids that were overlooked for travel ball and high school who are now not only making these teams they are starting. With Throw Pro you get a prehab as well as a rehab program and an all around maintenance program in a device that is small and easy to carry in your bag! 

Coaches please hear what I am trying to politely say, “ Here is a way for your athlete to maintain his/her arm, learn correct and epeatable mechanics an d protect and build the shoulder and arm.” It works and it works for all! Period! It works for outfielders, infielders, catchers and of course pitchers. If you truly want whats best for your players and you truly want your players to throw better, play better catch and eliminate all of the unnecessary throwing errors than you need Throw Pro! The best coaches are seeing it and buying. We have players in over 100 HS who are using a Throw Pro. We are in Division I, II & III colleges too and this number is growing daily.

It also won't be long before the smart MLB pitchers will be carrying them in their bag! I know if I had had one during my career the Throw Pro would have been with me in the bullpen as part of my daily preparation.

Please feel free to contact me for more information or go to our site to order.

Thanks for your time.

Matt Perisho
Former MLB Pitcher
Co-Founder of Throw Pro, LLC
C: 480.215.5158